DEAWE Presentation Nangarhar University Computer Science Faculty

DEAWE Presentation Nangarhar University Computer Science Faculty

Afghanistan Information Management Services (AIMS) the implementing partner of MCIT for DEWAE program conducted the Information Session about Student Award Competition and IT Champion Award competition in Nangarhar University Computer Science faculty, more than 100 students attended the event.

The event was made successful by the assistance of Mr. Waheedullah Sulaimankhail lecturer in computer science faculty and Mr. Ahmad Shekib Sayar Program Manager/Acting Executive Director of AIMS and Mr. Amin Gul Lecturer in Nangarhar University computer science faculty.

The information session was held for 1 hour from 11:00 to 12:00 hrs. ; the presentation was about DEWAE Innovation Support Program, Student Award Competition; IT Champion Award Competition, how to apply for award competition and presented the application form to all students.

Mr. Nasim bahar winner of Student Award Competition from Nangarhar University Computer Science faculty was also one of the attendee of this event and he was given a chance to express his experience about winning the award; he was further encourages and appreciated by all students and guests.



We thank the following Computer Science Department officials for their support and making this event successful.

Mr. Sataruddin (

Mr. Shamsurrahman (

Mr. Amin Gul (

Mr. Wahaj (

Mr. Waheedullah Sulimankhail (

Mr. Hamidullah (

Mr. Mohammad Ismail (

Mr, Ahmad Sahrifi ( )

DEWAE is visiting Herat University next week….