The overall objective of the DEWAE is to develop an ICT Innovation culture in the country that will produce innovations in mobile and related technologies and their use in the government in order to enhance its efficiency and effectiveness; and promote innovations and adoption of ICT and mobile technologies in the Afghan society at large, thereby accelerating development of ICT sector in the country.

To achieve the objectives of the MCIT and DEWAE Program, MCIT will disburse US $ 1 Million in two Phases:

  • Phase 1 will run for two years (2013-2015)
  • Phase 2 will run for another two-year period (2015-2016)

Ministry of Communications and IT (MCIT) will implement the DEWAE Program in order to achieve the mandates of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), Islamic Republic of Afghanistan will Award a total of 187 Awards through 5 rounds of award of which each round will consist of the following types of the awards:

DEWAE Award Categories

The DEWAE will initially target four types of challenges and award programs to promote Innovations on ICT and mobile tools within the government:

  • M-Technology/Governance Awards: To reward and support the development of mobile applications to address challenges in services delivery, program management, and performance management;
  • Student Awards: To encourage innovative and socially-geared thinking and action among students in the field of technology and m-applications;
  • IT Champion Awards: To recognize the contributions of individuals and Organizations those have played a role in promoting ICT innovations in Afghanistan.


DEWAE Operating Principles adhered by MCIT

MCIT throughout this program will adhere to the following operating principles:

  • Transparent and efficient functioning: MCIT has to be efficient in terms of the cost of management as well as the efficiency with which various activities of the DEWAE are undertaken. The structure should provide for quick decision-making and smooth operations, without sacrificing objectivity and transparency in all operations including challenge definition, selection of awardees, and performance of the DEWAE and the MCIT itself.
  • Using Awards and Prizes as levers of Change: As a part of its strategy, MCIT will use awards and prizes as levers of change to incentivize innovations in ICT, particularly in mobile technologies and their adoption within the government and elsewhere in the society. The awards and prizes will be mainly challenge based, but may include some recognition and competitive prizes and awards.
  • Strategic Process of Change: MCIT is using lifecycle approach to drive sustained innovations development that addresses processes for awareness creation, attitude change, engagement and finally for adoption.
  • Strategic Partnerships and Linkages: As a part of its strategy, MCIT will not only establish strategic relationships with partners within the government but also outside of government, which will include media, private ICT and non-ICT companies and associations, individual developers and IT specialists, social organizations, development partners and projects, international organizations with interest in Afghanistan, potential investors and others.