Program Structure

The DEWAE structure and organization will consist of the core DEWAE staff at the national level in Kabul and, possibly in the future, sub-national staff at the regional level.

Organizational structure

The proposed core organizational structure for DEWAE is shown in Figure  below. In general, to reflect the realities of operating such a project in Afghanistan, the organizational structure will essentially separate responsibilities for the DEWAE’s policies, investments and content from the responsibilities for fiduciary management and operations among different entities.




The DEWAE will have a three-layer structure with:

  • Strategic policy, oversight and challenge decisions resting with a Strategic Executive Board (SEB), described more fully below.
  • Day-to-day operations and fiduciary management by MCIT, consist of a team of professionals led by the Team Leader (Lead Consultant) who serve as the DEWAE Manager and participate in the SEB as its member-secretary. This will enable the Team Leader to not only oversee operations but also contribute to the strategic decision making process. In general, the responsibility of MCIT is to implement the strategies, policies and decisions of the SEB.
  • Expertise and support provided by an Expert Group, which will be established under a separate program of ICTDP but will work closely with the MCIT.

Submission to Awarding Process