A core element of the DEWAE’s strategy is the use of Awards and Prizes as tools to promote ICT innovations and their adoption in the country. The target population with the highest potential for delivering and up taking innovations, are students, young professionals within the government and outside, and ICT industry professionals and entrepreneurs including applications and software developers. The allocation of awards and prizes to be given under DEWAE shall reflect this strategic focus.

Categories of Awards Competition, value and number of Awards are as following:

  • M-Technology/Governance Awards
    • Ideas Awards up to US$ 2000 each 
    • Detailed Solution Awards up to US$ 5000 each 
    • Practice (Full Implementation) Awards up to US$ 80,000 each
  • Students Awards
    • Young ICT Innovator up to US$ 5,000 each
    • Technologist up to US$ 5,000 each
  • IT Expert
    • Up to US$ 2,500 each

This is the first Batch of the competitions which cover 4 rounds of Awards Competitions and in total we will have 5 Batch's which will cover 20 rounds of Awards completions till April 2016.