Conduct of M-Technology, M-Governance and Student Challenges

Types of Challenges and Solutions

A challenge under the M-Technology or Young ICT Innovator category may be defined as one of the three types: Ideation Award, Detailed Solution Award and Practice Award. The M-Governance category will only include the Practice Award. These types are discussed below.

Ideation Award

An M-Technology or Young ICT Innovators challenge may seek only basic ideas for the best solution to the problem or objective. Such a challenge will be referred to as an Ideation Award within such category. For the M-Technology category, an Ideation Award shall be a one-time award with a value of USD 2,000. As a condition of the award, the winner shall be required to give up to the GOIRA all IP rights to the idea that is selected for an award under this category. IP rights will be passed onto MCIT through a signed Certificate by the Award Winner.

Detailed Solution

The detailed solution award under this category would involve provision of detailed solution to the challenge posted including software source code if applicable. Depending on the nature of the challenge and the role that a sponsor/supporting agency intends to play, the winning solution provider may be required to give up its IP rights to the solution and the software as a condition of the award. The status of IP rights under this type of award will be stated clearly in the announcement of any challenge for a detailed solution.

A Detailed Solution Award shall be a one-time award paid to the solution provider once the solution and all attendant software have been delivered and tested. For the M-Technology category, the value of the award is USD 5,000.

Practice Award

The practice award would be given to a solution provider who provides a detailed, extensive and elaborate solution but needs to develop and implement the solution provided in a series of steps over an agreed time period. The DEWAE staff and the Challenger will work with the solution provider in developing a detailed implementation plan and the budget for the solution proposed. Grant Award would be disbursed as agreed milestones are met by the solution provider in developing and implementing the solution. For the M-Technology and M-Governance categories, the value of awards under this category is US$80,000, recognizing the level of effort and the need to ensure implementation.