IT Champion Award Competition

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Submission Deadline is 30 September 2016 - 11:59 PM (midnight) Kabul Local Time                                                                            


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To download Application Form, Click Here or you can receive the hard copy from MCIT (Muhammad Jan Khan Watt, Kabul - Afghanistan).

The application form must be completed by following the instructions and answering all the questions as clearly as possible in English only. You can copy, paste and fill it in using a word processor of your choice. Please save it under your Title of Your Name_Dewae_Submission.doc and send it to with a copy to before the deadline 30 September 2016 - 11:59 PM (midnight) Kabul Local Time. If you are having difficulties contact us using the same email address or call us at +93 (0) 777 210 856 / (0) 771 884 356.


What is IT Champion Award?

The IT Champions Award is a prize to be given to an officer of the Government of Afghanistan, an Afghan national (Resident or Non-resident), or an Afghan-owned Organization to recognize their outstanding contributions to the development of the ICT sector as it may relate to governance, market development or public service.

Nominations for this Award will be secured from all Government of Afghanistan Ministries, Presidents Office, all the departments working directly under the President’s office and all Provincial Governors offices, industry associations and civil society bodies. The DEWAE will send official request for nomination to these groups and announce this prize on its website.

Submissions Requirement:

A nominating entity or person will be required to provide all the details of the nominated individual including his/ her name, designation and his detailed resume. In addition, the submission must give a detailed account of the nominee’s work and accomplishments, the projects that he/she has successfully completed and the work that the officer is currently engaged in. To facilitate the submission, a nomination form shall be designed by MCIT and sent along with its request for nomination. Only individuals or Afghan-registered organizations—unassociated with any aspect of MCIT—will be eligible for this award.

Selecting the Winner:

The DEWAE management will check all the nominations for completeness. It shall seek additional information from the respondents as may be required. A selection committee consisting of the following members would be formed:

  • Representative of the MCIT.
  • CEO or President of one of the Telecom Companies in Afghanistan.
  • Resident Representative of any leading Donor or international organization
  • One Senior Representative of a recognized University/institute in Afghanistan.
  • CEO or President of a major company in Afghanistan.
  • Chief Executive of a major local NGO in Afghanistan
  • One member of the Expert Group

Multiple awards can be given at the same time in one year.

Criteria for Selection:

The individual who has done the most exceptional and outstanding work in the use of technology for governance and development is sought to be selected. Therefore, the criteria would include his/her accomplishments in terms of their impact on the ICT sector, public service, social and economic development of communities, poverty reduction, and strength of reputation. Personal attributes of the candidates would also be taken into account such as perseverance, enterprise, personal integrity, leadership and ability to bring about change. The selection committee may short list some candidates for personal interview if it so wishes and seek additional information or clarifications if required.

The DEWAE team must provide the selection committee in all cases with an objective scoring sheet indicating precise categories, scoring guidelines, and any weighting factors. The scoring sheet should be defined in consultation with the SEB.  The minutes of the selection committee meetings to discuss the selection must also be recorded and endorsed by all committee members. While the scoring sheets and minutes will not be publicly disclosed, they should be made available confidentially for future review and audits.

Value of the Award:

Each award value for US$ 2500, with a total number of 14 Awards for this award competition.