Practice (Implementation) Category

This category of awards focuses on rewarding the development of innovative mobile technology-based applications. Development of applications will respond to challenges defined by government agencies, recognized civil society organizations or private organizations.


All business firms, technology companies, nongovernmental organizations, legally combined groups and individuals, whether located inside or outside Afghanistan, shall be eligible to respond to the challenges announced. As described below, any group, organization and individual linked to a party playing any role in defining a challenge may not compete in such challenge.

Definition of M-Governance Award Challenges

Challenges may be proposed by a government agency, non-government organization or private sector firm and also Afghan citizens as individuals, with the assistance of the DEWAE staff and Expert Committee of the DEWAE. 

As with the M-Technology Awards, the sustainability of the winners’ M-Governance applications is a high priority. Therefore, it will be important to ensure support or sponsorship for a challenge by the relevant Government agencies (and perhaps other key stakeholders), which might include a commitment to adopt, use, own or maintain the winning application or solution depending on the nature of the specific challenge and what is needed to best ensure sustainability of the winning solution. For challenges proposed by non-government entities, it is expected that the AIMS, with assistance from the SEB and Expert Group, will secure such agency support before the proposed challenge is selected.

Practice (Implementation) Category

The Practice/Solution award would be given to a solution provider who provides a detailed, extensive and elaborate solution but needs to develop and implement the solution provided in a series of steps over an agreed time period. The solution provided must be innovative and unique, whereas documentation along with prototype, photos, videos etc. should be sent to ISP. The ISP staff and the Challenger will work with the solution provider in developing a detailed implementation plan and the budget for the solution proposed. Grant Award would be disbursed as agreed milestones are met by the solution provider in developing and implementing the solution. For the M-Technology/Governance categories, the value of awards under this category is upto US$80,000 per Award, recognizing the level of effort and the need to ensure implementation.

Value of the Award

The value of the award will vary depending on the nature and scale of the adoption desired. M-Governance Awards will all be based on specific implementations of the response to the challenge, i.e. they will all be Practice Awards only. Details are provided below. The M-Governance award will have at least 10 rounds in the first phase of two years of the DEWAE operation, with the DEWAE aiming to have 10 rounds in the second phase of two years as well.

Open Announcement

MCIT under the DEWAE program will give monetary awards to Afghan individuals, students and local ICT companies for their innovative Solutions and Practices under the categories of M-Technology/Governance Award Practice (Implementation). Awards ranging up to USD 80,000 will be distributed to winners with best Practical Solution.

Details of the competition is as follows:

  1. The submission period will run from 16:00 hours, 27th of July, 2014 Kabul Local Time until mid-night, 10th of November, 2014 Kabul Local Time.
  2. The evaluation process will start from 11th of November, 2014 to 20th of November, 2014.
  3. The winners of the Challenge will be announced on 21th of November, 2014. DEWAE will notify the winners during 21th-25th of November, 2014, via email and mobile number provided during submission.
  4. DEWAE Innovation Support Program official awarding ceremony will be on 30th of November, official awarding ceremony to winners will be conducted by MCIT and AIMS.
  5. Please note that all timelines given are based on estimated time taken, it may be altered depending on the circumstances, otherwise will remain same.

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List of Challenges for M-Tech/Gov Practice (Implementation) Category

Following is the list of challenges to which we need your practical solutions that can be implemented.Following is the list of challenges to which we need your practical solutions that can be implemented.

Practice (Implementation) Category

            1. Improve Communication of MRRD with Rural Communities and District Development Councils.

DESCRIPTION: MRRD communicates with Rural communities and District Development Councils on different timely basis to acquire information about the projects that have been initiated in different parts of the country. This form of communication includes attainment of information that is considered as essential for the successful management of mission-critical projects based on the applicable standards. 

AWARD: up to 80, 000 USD

          2. Improve Hajj Registration System.

DESCRIPTION: Hajj pilgrimage has remained one of the important ritual of Islamic faith to be performed by Muslims around the world, but hajj registration system in the country is still paper based and information of candidates are manually filed, which has led to encounter with many sorts of errors in data collection. The current registration system is slow, inefficient and mismanaged, which is why ordinary citizens are conned by the officials at the relevant authority and asked to pay bribe to include their names in the approved list that has brought gap between citizens and government.

AWARD: up to 80, 000 USD

           3. Improve Monitoring process of food expiration and food equality.

DESCRIPTION: Influx of thousands of imported food products has led to the little monitoring control over the quality of products, which means there may be many expired products available in the market that are still consumed by public without their prior knowledge.

MoPH wants to implement such solution where public would be able to check the expiry date of the products being bought, which would enable them to consume quality products.

AWARD: up to 80, 000 USD

           4. Development of OCR (Optical Character Reader) for Pashto and Dari Language.

DESCRIPTION: OCR can be used for different applications in practical life e.g. reading QR codes, bar codes, text from which relevant information may be extracted and/or shared with other resources. Despite wide use of such technology in other languages, OCR may also be utilized for Pashto and Dari language for such purposes.

AWARD: up to 80, 000 USD

           5. Development of Robot as a new area of technology for Security and Research purposes in Afghanistan.

DESCRIPTION: Robotics has been recognized as key technology in manufacturing industry, R&D, Mining and Security (e.g. robots used for bomb diffusion). The development of such technology for security and research purposes would be an asset to the country in terms of bringing security to the borders.

AWARD: up to 80, 000 USD

           6. Mobile Based English - Pashto - Dari Dictionary.

DESCRIPTION: Strong vocabulary knowledge may improve the effective communication in bilingual working environment. There is need for development of such mobile based application where academics and public can use it to reduce the multilingual communication barriers among different communities. Apart from official languages i.e. Dari and Pashto, English is also commonly used in working environment; in order to improve the effective communication, there is need for development of dictionary which covers all three languages, which may include vocabulary meanings, synonyms, thesaurus etc.

AWARD: up to 80, 000 USD

           7. Crowd Engine for Translation of Documents into Official Languages.

DESCRIPTION: Most of the documents produced in the government are in English and as per the laws of the country all of them should be in Pashto/Dari so a crowed transition engine will help all government agencies to translate their documents in to local languages.

AWARD: up to 80, 000 USD