Student Award Competition - Round 18


Apply Now And Win up to $2000 USD Cash Award

Submission Deadline is 30 September 2016 - 11:59 PM (midnight)                                                                              


Sent e-mail to:

Or call to: +93 (0) 777 210 856 / (0) 771 884 356

To download Application Form, Click Here or you can receive the hard copy from MCIT (Muhammad Jan Khan Watt, Kabul - Afghanistan).

The application form must be completed by following the instructions and answering all the questions as clearly as possible in English only. You can copy, paste and fill it in using a word processor of your choice. Please save it under your Title of Your Name_Dewae_Submission.doc and send it with signed letters from Universities or Institutes attached to with a copy to before the deadline 30 September 2016 - 11:59 PM (midnight) Kabul Local Time. If you are having difficulties contact us using the same email address or call us at +93 (0) 777 210 856 / (0) 771 884 356.

What is Student Award?

A program for students and student groups to compete for a prize for the best ICT project, application, mobile technology solution or ICT product or service that may have been designed and/or developed by a student or a student team. Student Prizes will not be awarded based on any specific challenges. Instead, students will compete based on their efforts (apps, solutions or other ICT products/projects) done on their own or for other purposes.


All Afghan students and researchers, as individuals or in teams, studying at local/overseas universities and institutes of higher learning are eligible. Minimum age of participants should be 18 years.

Submission Requirement:

Students competing for this prize shall be required to submit the details of any ICT related project that the student or group of students might have worked on or on which work is completed or in progress. All the submissions should be accompanied by an official forwarding letter from the head of the department under whose supervision the project was completed or is in progress; certifying that the competitor is a student or are students of the institutes and that the project was or is being undertaken in the institute concerned.  In cases where a student enters the competition without such a letter, MCIT shall follow up with that student’s institution to verify this information.  

The ISP-MCIT staff will check all submissions for eligibility and completeness. In case any additional details and information are required from any competitor, the same shall be requested by MCIT. Should MCIT determine that the number of submissions for a Student Prize is unreasonably large for the selection committee to handle, it may establish a process for shortlisting submissions before forwarding to the selection committee. 

Selecting the Winer:

MCIT will organize a selection committee for each Student Prize that will be responsible for evaluating submissions and selecting the winner(s). Members of a selection committee shall be:

·         Two experts from the Expert Group

·         One expert from the MCIT

·         One official from Ministry of Higher Education

·         One recognized expert or notable person (e.g., from private sector, civil society or the international community)

In general, the criteria to be used for selection of the winner would be creativity and innovativeness of the competitor and the usefulness of the product or service to the community at large in terms of economic advantages and social impact. The specific criteria for Student Prize will be described as part of its announcement.

Value of the Award (Prize):

The value of the prize is US$ 2000, which may include cash awards for the top three ranked competitors in the Prize and also honors including certificates for the winners and other notable performers.

It is proposed that certificates of honor be signed by his Excellency Minister of Communications and IT, Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.