DEWAE Challenge Identification Process

Sumbit your Challenge for Solution in DEWAE Innovation Support Program

What is Challenge Identification Process?

Challenge Identification Process is to collect challenges that are encountered daily by anyone from any sector, which will be evaluated by Challenge Selection Committee and selected challenges will be posted online to DEWAE official website, where contestants will offer their solution to those challenges.

Who can participate in Challenge Identification Process?

It is open to all individuals/professionals from academics, government and non-government, private sector, student, IT and ICT professionals who wish to find solutions to their proposed challenges.

How can you participate in Challenge Identification Process? 

You can download and fill the ENGLISH VERSION of Challenge Identification Form and return it to us via our email addresses, / .

Click here to download the DARI VERSION of Challenge Identification Form.

If you have any further queries, please contact us on +93-777210856 / +93-784482384 or alternatively send you feedback to us on the above mentioned email addresses.